a new world of cheese

We are crafting a new category of cheeses, with incredible flavors and textures. The secret? They happen to be made from sustainable plants.

New times, new cheese
Endless possibilities

taste something completely different

For thousands of years, cultured foods have been discovered by accident: what happened to this milk? We are taking the time to understand the art of microbes to discover foods that go beyond where any tastebuds have gone.

building a more sustainable world

Inspired by the natural world and driven to protect it, we set out to craft foods with big flavors and tiny footprints. We're a public benefit company, which means we baked this mission into our company DNA (we're also nerds, which is why we say things like DNA).

Sustainability shouldn't have to taste like broccoli (but, for the record, we really like broccoli).

The tiny world around us

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