On every menu, grocery shelf, and table, the most exciting foods are also the most sustainable


To excite people about eating sustainably by crafting cultured foods that tap into the diversity of the microbial world


Give a shit. Care about what you do, care about how you do it, care about the people you do it with, and care about the planet and everything else that brought you here in the first place.

Log growth. To make a future world better than the present, make your present self better than your past. Challenge yourself to change. Invest in the person you want remembered. Don’t compare yourself with others, but with who you were yesterday.

Empower others. Seek your success by helping others achieve theirs. On your deathbed, what will you remember: learning to ride a bike or teaching your kid to ride a bike? By helping others, you achieve missions greater than yourself and feel the joy of being proud instead of pompous.

Treat feedback as a gift. Ideas, critiques, questions, and feelings are the most valuable things you will ever give or get. Give them thoughtfully and receive them gratefully.

Savor every bite. Have fun and take care of yourself. You have one life; bask in it.