The goal

Our goal is to help you find the best place for your personal growth, in service of whatever mission you hold dear. We care deeply about our relationships, and we try to bring that care into the way we find new team members.

The process

Initial application. When creating your resume, Google has pretty good advice on how to build it. If you are a recent college or master's student, include your classes and grades. When responding to our written questions, please be specific and detailed (always include an answer to "why?"). These answers are your chance to tell us about how we fit into the journey of your life.

Introductory conversation. We will have an unstructured conversation with you to learn a bit about who you are, how you think, and how you execute. What is special about you, and how can we help you find the best place for your mind and heart? We will also have time for you to ask us questions.

Practical skills assessment. For all positions, we will ask you to choose your own very small project that reflects the position. It's meant to be a chance to explore your curiosity! These projects will usually task you to ask a question you find exciting, formulate a plan to seek answers, and execute that plan if practical. If the job is one in product development, we may ask you to document an experiment in the kitchen that you've been dying to do. Or if it is a science role, we may ask you to analyze a recent paper of your choice.

More structured in-person or video-call conversations. Depending on the role, you will have at least one more structured conversation with other team members. Most often these conversations will cover the skills assessment, how you know your references, and your personal and professional goals.

Reference checks. Honestly, nobody is really good at reading people, so we try to incorporate the wisdom of the crowd. We will contact people who have interacted with you in different contexts, including above, beside, and below you in a professional setting and from your personal network.

You join the colony or we help you find your next adventure. Whatever the outcome, we want to enable you to achieve your mission. If you join us, we will challenge one another every day to make ourselves and the world better. If you don't join us, we will do the same thing but probably a lot less often. Throughout the hiring process and early days of our partnership, we will craft a structured plan for your growth with regular opportunities for feedback.