Open positions

Product developer, cheese (aka cave master). Dive into the science of making a new category of cheese.

Scientist, microbiology (aka culture wizard). Lasso the diversity of the microbial world. With really tiny ropes.

Brand coordinator (aka social storyteller). Tell stories that shape how people connect to each other and their food.

Business operations and strategy (aka mission maker). Build a company in pursuit of a better world. And nachos.

[Insert-what-you-do-here] badass (aka I-will-smash-down-this-door). Do you do something that we need, and we don't know it? Tell us about it. Skills can be taught, but passion is a fruit.

About you

You want to fight ecological destruction and build a more thoughtful, connected world. To this end, you want to grow in the fast-paced, passion-driven world of startups. We at Tezza want to arm you with the tools and agency to create that vision.

About us

Our mission is to excite people about eating sustainably by crafting cultured foods that tap into the diversity of the microbial world. Instead of handing out lectures or guilt trips, we want to create a world where food tastes fantastic, is affordable and accessible, and happens to be made from the most sustainable ingredients around.

Our core values are:

Give a shit. Care about what you do, care about how you do it, care about the people you do it with, and care about the planet and everything else that brought you here in the first place.

Log growth. To make a future world better than the present, make your present self better than your past. Challenge yourself to change. Invest in the person you want remembered. Don’t compare yourself with others, but with who you were yesterday.

Empower others. Seek your success by helping others achieve theirs. On your deathbed, what will you remember: learning to ride a bike or teaching your kid to ride a bike? By helping others, you achieve missions greater than yourself and feel the joy of being proud instead of pompous.

Treat feedback as a gift. Ideas, critiques, questions, and feelings are the most valuable things you will ever give or get. Give them thoughtfully and receive them gratefully.

Savor every bite. Have fun and take care of yourself. You have one life; bask in it.

The Process

When seeking and building team members, we take a mission perspective. If you share our mission of a more sustainable world, then we want to do whatever we can to support you achieving your goals, whether those goals are with us or somewhere else.

Thus, we often focus on learning and growth, even during the hiring process. If you think that Tezza might be a good place for you to grow in the next stage of your life, take a look at our hiring process. The dream is that the hiring dance we do together will be actually helpful and fun for you instead of an exhausting pain in the ass.

Team support

You can't help others unless you have enough in the tank. You can't face your fears if you feel constantly insecure. We are always looking for ways to build a supportive community so that each member can take on challenges, demons, and missions with chutzpah. As part of this community, we work to provide security in the following areas:

  • Financial health: competitive salaries, retirement plans, transparent and progressive pay structures, profit sharing, equity ownership

  • Physical health: strong health insurance, active community, proximity to Berkeley Bowl produce

  • Mental health: minimum and mandatory 3 weeks paid time off with bullshit-free support for taking more when you need it

  • Social health: parental leave, communal lunch not at your desk

  • Spiritual health: regular meetings to exchange feedback and ensure that you are asking the hard questions and we are supporting you to pursue your truest self, dark chocolate